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• Geotechnical Engineering
• Deep Foundations
• Soil and Rock Anchorages
• Slurry Trench Cutoffs
• BioPolymer Drains
• Diaphragm Walls
• Self-Hardening Slurries
• Grouting/Freezing
• Microtunneling
• Construction Management EDUCATION: 1948-1966

Graduate Civil Engineer: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland). PROFESSIONAL HISTORY:

Solétanche Group,
France (1967-1971),
Algeria (1971-1972),
Mexico (1972-1974),
USA (1974-1979).
Project engineer to General Manager of US subsidiary (Solétanche and Rodio, Inc.)

ICOS Corporation of America (1979-1982),
New York: Vice President in charge of Far East and Latin America.

Moretrench American Corp., Rockaway, N.J. Manager Geotechnical Division (1985).

Gilbert Tallard, Pelham, N.Y. Geotechnical Construction Consultant (1983-date).

EnviroTrench Company, President(1987) Construction Management, Expertise.Merged with Liquid Earth Support, Inc., President (1992) Marketing and Manufacturing of proprietary geotechnical fluid products. REPRESENTATIVE EXPERIENCE:

Mr. Tallard has over 34 years of experience in the design and construction of foundations and special underground construction including deep load-bearing elements, slurry walls, soil and rock anchors, slurry trench barriers, drilling and grouting, ground freezing, shotcreting and ground water control. He has held responsible positions with two of the best known underground specialty contractors in the World, Solétanche and ICOS. Through these associations, he has gained a unique expertise in the field of earth retention systems and seepage control in applications for dam construction and repair, dewatering and hazardous waste plume containment.

Among representative projects with direct involvement are:

1967: Tunnel boring with pressure air shield Robbins machine and pre-cast concrete lining for the Paris Metro.

1970: Various foundation projects in France involving diaphragm walls, soil anchors, grouting, freezing, caisson load tests and electro-consolidation.

1971: Zardezas Dam, Algeria; installation of 350 feet long, 1,000 Kips permanent rock anchors through old and new concrete structure. 8 inch diamond coring. Left abutment grout curtain. Engineer responsible for all technical matters.

1972: Rock and soil grout treatments for 50 miles long Emisor Central 30 feet diam. storm water gravity discharge tunnel in Mexico City. Managing various alluvium and bedrock grout curtains projects under embankment dams in different states.

1973: Slurry walls and rock anchors for the Olympic Stadium site in Montreal, Canada. Rock consolidation grouting for Velodrome foundations.

1974: Heavy foundations construction and 1,200 t. load test on load-bearing slurrywall elements using deep soil anchorages as reaction at the Sicartsa new steel mill complex of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico.

1975 to1979: As general manager of Soletanche's US subsidiary, responsible for all technical and financial activities of the firm, with projects involving slurry walls, slurry trenches and chemical grouting, notably the Addicks Dam repair, Tilden Tailings Dam cement bentonite cutoff wall and the Visalia Sounth Com. Edison pole yard cement-bentonite cutoff wall. In charge of bidding on a variety of foundation projects from grout curtain drilling and grouting to pre-cast slurry walls.

1979: As ICOS overseas VP, responsible for marketing, estimating and operations for the Far East and with South America, mostly in connection to seepage control works on hydro-electrical projects and structural diaphragm walls. 1981: project manager for the design and construction of a plastic concrete cutoff wall through over 200 feet of coarse alluvium and grout curtain in rock for the Colbun Dam, Chile.

1983 to 1987: Private Consultant: design, estimating and construction management of various cutoff barriers for waste and hazardous waste containment projects. International consultant for large dam deep cutoff walls.

1987: President: EnviroTrench Company. Geotechnical construction management, technical assistance to engineers and contractors, forensic engineering; legal expertise. Developer of biopolymer slurry leachate extraction drain technology. R & D and patenting of IMPERMIX.

1992: President: Liquid Earth Support, Inc. Supplier of patented, proprietary and customized mineral and polymer geotechnical fluid products. AFFILIATIONS

ASCE/Grouting Committee
USCOLD/Foundation Committee
Society of American Military Engineers
Canadian Geotechnical Society
DFI/slurry wall committee
ASTM D 18/Soil and Rock Committee LANGUAGES


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