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ICOS Corp.:
Preparation of changed soil condition claim. Testimony before arbitration tribunal. Colbun project,Chile (ref. A. Ressi). Project evaluation and site visit of Piedra del Aguila project,Argentina.

George Hyman Construction Co.:

Bid for design and estimate for slurry walls and anchorages at the Smithonian underground Museum, Washington D.C. Improving in house drilling and grouting technology for ground anchorages for tiedowns and tiebacks. Bid estimate for structural slurry walls for WMATA Mount Vernon Square Station. Bid estimate for structural slurry walls for real estate project in Boston (ref. Al Hobelman).

Continental Drilling:

Design and construction management of slurry trench cutoff for cofferdam at the Little Seneca Lake Dam project, Boyds, MD. Bid design and estimate of dike repair slurry trench incorporating a HDPE membrane at the Mohicanville Dam, OH. Bid estimate for design and construction of slurry trench barrier and grout curtain for leaking sewage pond in Othello,WA. (Leo Broderick).

Griffin Dewatering:

Bid estimate for slurry trench barrier around Collier landfill,Pontiac MI. Bid estimate for slurry trench barrier around Lipari Superfund landfill site, Pitman,N.J. Bid design and estimate structural slurry wall for Marina Dam and Bridge project, San Antonio,TX. Bid design and estimate brine storage ponds, DOE Strategic Oil Storage Program (Tony Barbella).

Techint/Icos de Mexico:

Bid estimate for extensive grouting and drainage seepage control project at the CFE Caracol Dam, Mexico (Guido Terzi).

ENDESA Santiago:

Elaborate alternative solutions and contractual formats for sealing the 50 m3/sec. seepage of Laja Lake, Chile (Guillermo Noguera).

Harza Engineers:

Conceptual design for the deep cutoff wall through blocks at Pehuenche Dam,Chile (Nathan Hopton).


Conceptual design of main dam cutoff walls and dewatering cutoff for power house excavation, review of specifications and scheduling, prequalification of contractors for the Canafisto Dam, Medellin, Columbia (Carlos Ospina).

Woodward Clyde Consultants:

On site review of contractor's procedures and performance analysis of post-tensioned anchorages at Tablachaca slide stabilization project, Peru (Jean Y. Perez).

C.R.S. Group:

Evaluation of the practicality of a slurry wall alternate for Singapore Metro station project (Robin Mason).

C.S.D.Los Angeles:

Conceptual design and specification review for various solid waste containment project. Cement-bentonite self-hardening slurry design to meet K<10-7cm/sec. criterion. On site quality assurance during construction, Calabassas landfill (Richard Lalka).

Conestoga Rovers:

Preliminary study for the design of a grout curtain in rock as a containment barrier at the Hyde Park Landfill Superfund site, Niagara Falls N.Y. Memorandum on Lugeon rock permeability test. Feasibility and cost estimate of a ground water barrier at the La Bounty landfill Superfund site in Iowa (Ron Schwark).

Tecnosuelo SA:

Technical assistance for mix design and plant requirement for cement bentonite cutoff wall and grout curtain for cofferdam construction at the Comedero Dam, Sinaloa,Mexico (Antonio Blanco).

Moretrench American:

Numerous industrial sludge fixation formulation studies and testing with construction estimates. Technical supervision of bentonite slurry trench containment barriers: coal pile leachate Orange-Rockland Power Co.,N.Y., VOCs at the Sydney mine site in Tampa,FL. Estimates for ground freezing for PCB contaminated soil excavation. Project Manager for soil attapulgite sea water slurry trench containment barrier for chlorinated compounds at Dow Chemicals, Freeport(TX), (John Donohoe).

Woodward-Clyde Consultants:

Conceptualization and cost estimating for on site standby chemical grout plant for the Azwan High Dam grout curtain maintenance, Egypt (Lloyd Cluff).

ENDE Cochabamba:

Conceptual design for deep cutoff wall in alluvium for the Icla dam project, Cochabamba,Bolivia.

International Engineering Co.:

Mission to Argentina for assessing the feasibility and practicality of jet grouting between double diaphragm walls constituting the diversion channel wall and the restitution channel wall. Conceptualization of alternate structural solutions, estimating and scheduling of same, Piedra del Aguila Hydro-Electric project, Neuquen,Argentina (E. Kollgaard).

Geoge Hyman Construction Co.:

Design of grouting equipment, formulation of plastic mortar grout and supervision of corrective compaction grouting program for protecting WMATA steel liner plated tunnel following adjacent building mat foundation construction,Washington D.C.

Becho Inc.:

Plastic concrete design for slurry wall cutoff as part of rehabilitation of Montana Power's Millltown dam. Technical assistance for slurry wall constructon and permanent ground anchors installation.

US Army COE:

Expert witness for the Philadelphia District in defense from contractor's claim on Superfund Lipari landfill, N.J. cutoff wall project.

George Hyman Construction Co.:

Construction management for reinforced concrete diaphragm walls, regroutable ground anchors and chemical grouting at various real estate development projects in Washington, D.C.

Compania Brasilera Proyectos y Obras:

Prebid evaluation of the deep cutoff in block alluvium at the Pehuenche Hydro project (Chile) . Cutoff type selection for cofferdams built on river alluvium for other project in Argentina.

GeoEngineering, Inc.:

Conceptual design for ground water and definition of cement bentonite cutoff wall for Bartow, IL sanitary landfill enclosure. Design criteria, constructability and QA/QC programs (Bill McTigue).

SEI/Daniel JV:

Review of subcontractor's problems in performing a cement-bentonite cutoff wall at Muray Hydro, Littlerock, AR: identifications of the problems, estimate of real value of the work and recommendations on alternate better qualified subcontactors (R.Kinde/Daniel; Dick Franke/SEI).

Conestoga Rovers:

Grout formulation and testing program for barrier around rock DNAPL contaminatedSuperfund site in Niagara Falls,N.Y.(Ron Schwark).

Island Copper Mine:

One of three members of a design review board overseeing the pushback of the westward slope of the world's deepest open pit mine in Port Hardy, Vancouver Island. Emphasis on a deep cutoff wall through a sea shore mine dump ( BHP Utah. Dick Robertson).

Griffin Remedial Services:

Technical assistance for the construction of deep leachate collection drains by the biodegradable slurry trenching method in numerous New Jersey confidential Superfund sites (Tony Barbella).


Review of contract specifications and contractor's practices for the Wells Dam embankment repair, WA, with a deep low strength plastic concrete slurry wall (Peter Yen, John Lowe III).

US Army COE:

Expert witness defending a drilling and grouting claim for the Cerrillos Dam grout curtain in Puerto Rico (Jacksonville District).

City of Altoona:

Expert witness defending against rock anchor claim by general contractor who self performed the work with a waste water treatment construction project.

George Hyman Construction Co.:

Construction management for slurry wall underground parking garage project in Crystal City,Arlington,VA: first full scale US slurry wall project using pure GS TP polymer as bentonite slurry substitute (Al Hobelman).

Minnesota D.O.T.:

Expert witness defending rock anchor claim by general contractor building highway related retaining wall construction project in Duluth, MN (Bill Sierks).

George Hyman Construction Co.:

Construction management for slurry wall and ground anchorages project using GS TP as biodegradable polymer slurry for the World Bank renovation project in Washington, D.C. (Al Hobelman).

WMATA Washington:

Expert witness defending against general contactor's changed soil condition claim on a Metro station slurry wall project in Washington D.C. (Jenny Engineering).

Bureau of Reclamation:

Consultancy and technical assistance for in-house slurry trench cutoff construction at the Caballo Dam site, Truth or Consequences, NM (Bruce Sparett).

Griffin Remedial Services:

Technical assistance for design and construction of cement- bentonite self-hardening slurry barrier and GS TP biopolymer drain leachate collection system for the Syncon Resins Site, Kearny,N.J. (A.Barbella)

Hyman Smoot JV:

onstruction management for the slurry wall construction contract at the 8 acres International Cultural &Trade Center project at the Federal Triangle site in Washington D.C.; 224,000 SF slurry wall project working with GS TP biodegradable polymer (Al. Hobelman).


Expert for Monterrey Construction in dispute with Franki re. Murray- Hydro.

AGRA Soil & Envir.:

Consultancy on various cutoff wall projects in northern Saskatchew. conceptual designs, specification review, construction site inspection.

Haug & Associates:

Technical assistance in the construction of deep leachate collection trench test section at mining site in Sashkatchewan.

Hyman Foundation:

Shot Tower Station, Baltimore, West Entrance shaft shoring under groundwater with soldier beam and lagging installed in an IMPERMIX¨ self-hardening slurry, a technical innovation (Al Sylvester).

Remedial Construction:

Design and technical assistance for bio-polymer extraction trenches for Rohm & Haas site and Phibro sites along Houston Ship Channel Deer Park,TX (Steve Birdwell).

Philip Services Inc.:

Technical assistance and quality assurance for IMPERMIX cutoff wall construction, General Cables site, Pawtucket R.I. (Robb Davis).

Remedial Construction:

Attapulite slurry trench instability evaluation, Dow Chemicals, Freeport TX. (Steve Birdwell)

Oakridge Associated Laboratories:

Conceptualization of a circular slurry wall design for underground neutrino measurement tank outside particle accelerator. (Steve Chae, Lockeed, Martin Energy Services)

New England Foundations:

Central Artery Projects and New England area: provide slurry technology for drilled shaft construction and stability problem solutions. (John Roma)

Bencor Corporation:

Technical assistance for solving slurry wall trenching stability issues at the C15A2 North End section of the Central Artery Project. (Ugo Piccagli).

Modern Continental:

Technical assistance for lubrication of microtunneling projects, controled grouting annuli and long distance annulus backfill. (Steve Herrington)


Biodegradable slurry trench: UNDERGROUND LEACHATE BARRIER and method of constructing same: US patent No.4,543,016.

IMPERMIX¨: self-hardening slurry/grout compound with higher chemical resistance and lower permeability (10-8cm/sec.) than cement-bentonite. US patent No. 4, 726, 713.

SLOWGROUT: very slow setting self-hardening slurry providing both lubrication during jacking and permanent annular grout in Microtunneling.

NEW METHOD FOR CONSTRUCTING TRENCHES (Pseudo solid polymer slurry) US patent No. 5, 611, 643.



University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, continuing education seminars

Colorado School of Mine: microtunneling lubrication course


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Low conductivity self-hardening slurry for permanent enclosures, FSU 97.

Beyond cement-bentonite: Impermix self-hardening slurry, USCOLD 97.

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